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Relational Intelligence
in your back pocket.

Human beings are hard-wired for connected relationships, and not just romantic ones.  Close friendships and participating in social and civic life have declined as the pace of life has picked up. In a world where we are glued to our screens and work spills over to home and hobbies, many of us feel unsure where we belong, and if our lives matter at all. Relational Intelligence is the key to growing connection in all of your relationships.

Get our guide featuring one rarely talked about skill that will improve your relationships starting today.

The antidote to America's
loneliness epidemic

At Relatable, we aim to strengthen your connection with everyone in your world. Through short audio sessions and fun and easy practice, Relatable will help you be a better listener, navigate conflicts, have more meaningful conversations, and unlock joy in your daily interactions.  

Improved relationships
in bite-sized sessions 

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Relatable will be with you in your back pocket, ready to go when you need it.

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Listen to an Audio Session

 Start listening! Audio sessions are bite-sized and digestible, followed by ways to practice what you learn in your day-to-day interactions, from becoming a better listener to navigating hard conversations. 

Enjoy Better Connections

Build the habit of returning to Relatable and applying your skills IRL. Stick with it, and experience more connection and joy in your relationships. 

Relational Intelligence doesn't have to be hard.

No time for self-help books and burned out on self-care? There's room for you here. Relational intelligence is the new emotional intelligence, but nobody is teaching this stuff, and it's the bedrock for healthy relationships.

Vulnerability has a
branding problem.

Making real connections with people requires little leaps, which can feel vulnerable. But this doesn’t mean teary-eyed confessions or divulging your deepest fears. Even little reaches, like saying hello first, paying a compliment, or just listening, are examples of vulnerable acts you'll learn in the app.

The science
is clear.

Study after study shows that loneliness and lack of social connection are bad for our physical and mental health. Loneliness is worse for our health than obesity and smoking, yet there's little focus on how to cultivate and maintain strong social connections. 

Small moments
matter, too.

It’s not all big gestures in relationships that show people they matter and you care. Small, everyday moments, or micro-moments, are essential entry points to connection. We'll teach you to spot opportunities every day to connect with those you interact with from work to home-and everywhere in between.

makes progress.

The more we practice something, the better we get at it. The same is true in relationships. Practicing  relationship skills in your daily interactions will improve how you show up in your relationships. The result is more connection, more ease, joy, and better physical and mental health. 

Meet Relatable.

Relatable is the first app to make relational intelligence accessible. Learn relationship concepts and skills through short audio sessions by experts, followed by ways to put into practice what you learn in your daily interactions. It's relational intelligence in your back pocket on your time. 

The relationship behind Relatable.

Jess and Eric have helped thousands of people improve their relationships and have seen the same needs and challenges arise in nearly all of them. In response to this they developed Relatable to bring relational intelligence to people outside of a therapy room. Because we all deserve better connections. 

Relatable is a mind-meld of the many conversations, skills and approaches they've used in the therapy room made simple and easy to apply to your daily life. 

Jess has twenty years of professional experience helping people have healthier relationships. It's her thing. 

Jessica Montague


For over a decade Eric has been teaching, supervising, and in direct practice helping people strengthen their relationships. He's really good at it.

Eric Mill


Relatable in Conversation: Press and Podcasts

How Micro Moments Just Might Save your Marriage with Jessica Montague.

Listen in as Eric sits down to talk relationships and the problem with vulnerability.

5 signs your BFF is a True Tenured Friend with Jessica

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Relationships need care and attention, even the great ones. And there's a lot of noise about how to make a relationship great. Relatable brings you what works simply and directly with ways to practice what you learn. Download our free guide featuring an essential skill for better relationships that nobody talks about, but that you're about to become a pro at!

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