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Here we go!

Follow the simple steps below to maximize your beta experience. We can't wait for your relationships to feel easier, more fun, and more connected. Get it, you trailblazer! We've also sent this to your email so you have it there to access.

Download the Beta

Click the link above

and Apple will walk you through getting Relatable on your phone. We're using Apple's Test Flight to run the beta - Apple makes it super easy to get going, trust us.

Listen and Practice

After downloading you'll register and be listening in no time. Press play on the first session and get going. After each session are ways to practice, remember this takes practice!

Come Back Daily

Set a reminder in your calendar (like right now!) and make sure to come back and listen to one session a day. The more you listen the more help you can provide!

Fill out Survey

On June 19th we'll send you a survey. This is where it gets good. The whole point of a beta is to get your feedback. This will help us as we prepare to launch.

We'll send the survey via email.





Get in on the fun early

Join our Beta Testers >>

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