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Presence: a foundational skill for all relationships.

Day 1: Practicing Presence

First things first, press play. Sit back and listen as Jess and Eric talk about what presence is and why it's the secret sauce for great relationships. 

After listening scroll down and identify one way you can put this into practice today. Maybe screen shot it or copy and paste it as a text. Find a way to remind yourself to put this into action

Put it into Practice

This whole relationship thing takes practice.

Pick one thing you can do today to grow the skill of presence


Look at the world around you. Who do you notice is great at being present, and who is less great? Are there times of day or locations that make people better at being present? Just note it.


Do you know that feeling inside of being present to others? How would you rate yourself 1-10 (10 being amazing) on the presence scale? What would it take to move that number up one or two notches on the scale? 


Can you take this to the next level? Think of one interaction you'll have in the next 24 hours and how you can work on being present between you and the other person, set a remind or note to self to work on being present

Now go put this into action

We'll send you part two tomorrow, but no need to worry about that,

you've done enough today. It's time to practice what you're learning. 

The hidden relationship skill that'll change it all

Day 1: Presence

First things first, press play. Sit back and relax while Jess and Eric break down this simple but effective tool for all your relationships. 
Easy huh? Now pick one of the ways to Put It Into Practice
Think about your preacentc 
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Let's do a deeper dive on presence

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