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Presence takes practice.

Day 3: The Art of Returning

You've made it to Day 3 - which means you're already skilled at returning. Today's session is all about returning to presence, and how presence is actually returning in action. Sound weird? It should. Press play and Eric will break that all down for you.

Presence without action is ... well, nothing really. Scroll down to figure out how you'll return to presence again and again, even after this audio session.

Put it into Practice

This whole relationship thing takes practice.

Pick one thing you can do today to grow the skill of presence


Imagine watching a pair of friends talk at a coffee shop. Imagine something around them interrupts their presence. What signs would you see to know they have gotten back to being present with each other?


Go inside and think about what times you can return to presence, again and again. Is there a time or relationship that you can practice getting reps in?


Talk to someone about being present and what it means to you and them. It doesn't have to be weird - call it paying attention - and pay attention as you share. What do you notice between you two?

You've got this! 

We know your relationships will all feel the benefits of you being more present. 

If you want more relational intelligence we've got your back - become a beta tester!

The hidden relationship skill that'll change it all

Day 1: Presence

First things first, press play. Sit back and relax while Jess and Eric break down this simple but effective tool for all your relationships. 
Easy huh? Now pick one of the ways to Put It Into Practice
Think about your preacentc 
Become a Beta Tester

Join our team of beta testers!

We're launching this Fall but until then we'll be letting a limited amount of folks give our beta a try. If you want in on the fun and to help to shape the launch of the app, join our beta testing crew. We'd be grateful for your feedback!

Let's do a deeper dive on presence

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