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This relationship skill will create better relationships in no time...

How to improve your relationships with one simple skill

We live in relationships with others all day, every day. And relationships can be tricky. Many of us check out, take shortcuts, stress out, and avoid doing the little lifts that bring connection and ease to relationships.


We want to change that and help you have great relationships. 


Relatable makes relational intelligence easy through bite-sized sessions followed by how to practice in your real life. We've cut through the fluff to get you what works.

Great relationships are within reach

Montague and Mill LLC

What you'll learn today:

  • A foundational skill for effective communication

  • How to better your relationship with yourself and with others

  • Tips for adding this skill to your everyday life

  • How to apply the skill to three specific relationships in your life

  • Some of the do's and don'ts for great relationships

Relational Specialists

Jess and Eric are relationship experts. Through years of providing relational therapy, they've found what works and what doesn't. They've created Relatable to share relationship insights, skills, and tools with everybody.  

Download the guide on a fundamental relationship skill today. Stick with Relatable and bring relational intelligence to your life every day. 

Download the guide to the one skill that will change your relationships for the better

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